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Diane has been taking care of my aging body for the last ten years, and without her I doubt that I would be as strong, limber or fit as she has helped to make me. Her pilates classes are carefully adapted to individual needs and abilities. Her bodywork has undone many a sore back and tweaked muscle. There was a time when I thought that I couldn't afford to keep doing this. Now I know for sure that I can't afford not to! Diane is the best! - Helen, age 73


Diane’s ABC (Abs, Back, Core) class is a fantastic supplement to my dance and yoga training. As a professional dancer, I notice a huge difference in my overall strength and flexibility when I am attending her class on a regular basis. Working with Diane has helped me stay relatively injury free and recover from minor injuries that occur as a dancer and yogi. - Leah, age 34


I take group classes and individual sessions with Diane because I am getting older and exercise is the best way to cope both physically and psychologically.  And Diane is the perfect teacher for me. I look forward to the sessions because Diane is both professional and personable. I can see the progress I'm making and I appreciate Diane's expertise and empathy. - Dale, age 79


A friend of mine referred Diane's Stretch Class to me.  I have had back pain for years due to degenerative disc disease and scoliosis, and as I have gotten older, my body has stiffened up quite a bit. I know that stretching and yoga help me. When my yoga teacher retired, I knew it was time to find a new class. I am so happy to be in Diane's class.  It is a combination of deep stretching, pilates, balance exercises, and some yoga.  It is the perfect class for me. I believe that it has helped me to be more fluid in my movement, to have better balance and posture, and to have more energy.  Diane is a talented and wonderful teacher, as well as being a kind and caring person.  She is very aware of each one of us, and at what level we are working at. This is very reassuring.  The class is relaxing, and it is also fun. - Ann, age 73

Diane McKallip is, in my estimation, a gifted teacher.  Not only does she use many types of exercise (Yoga, classic stretch, Pilates, etc.,) in her classes, but she is also able to demonstrate and suggest modifications where appropriate.   She is personable and clear. She would, in my estimation, make an excellent teacher on TV.   She is able to communicate well and be encouraging but there is never a note of negativity in her teaching.   Many of us in her current class have been taking from her for years, even decades and feel certain that our current health is far better by dint of her teaching.  - Betty, age 86.

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